Scholarships and Fees


Taiwan Scholarship

International students may apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government.

Please check the website of Study in Taiwan.

For information of Taiwan embassies and missions, please refer to the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please also refer to Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program website to find out more.


2016 Academic Year China Medical University Scholarship for Postgraduate International Students and Overseas Chinese Students

Please check the website of Office of Graduate Student Affairs.


China Medical University International Student Scholarship

Eligibility of applicants
  1. Officially and currently enrolled as foreign students.
  2. Students who are on extended stay beyond the normal period, those who have not completed the first semester and those who have accepted the government sponsored Taiwan Scholarship are not eligible to apply or disqualified.
  3. Undergraduate students, Master candidates and Doctoral candidates should reach a total average score of >70 in academic performance and >80 in behavioral assessment with no penalty (or demerit) point in the latest semester.
  4. Undergraduate students should complete at least nine credit units per semester.
  5. A Master or Doctoral candidate may submit a confidential letter of recommendation written by his /her supervisor and a copy of the project proposal when no score is assigned to them during the period of research study or thesis writing.
  6. Original application form and official transcript should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office within 30 days after the semester has started.
Award management
  1. The scholarship period for undergraduate students depends on the study period; Master candidates have a 2-year period; Doctoral candidates have a 4- year period.
  2. Each successful applicant receives a financial aid of NTD20,000 per semester.
  3. Serious misconduct or dishonesty may result in disqualification, cancellation and/or return of the award.
  4. The scholarships for foreign students in China Medical University include subsidies provided by the Ministry of Education for foreign students.



Application Fee

No application fee is required.



Tuitions and Fees

Degree School/Department/Institute Tuition /per semester(NTD)
Graduate Program Chinese Medical Science, Acupuncture, Integrated Medicine 61,364
Dentistry 56,227
Other 48,349
Undergraduate Program Medicine, Chinese Medicine 72,274
Dentistry 66,210
Other 56,911

*The exchange rate: 1USD = 33.5NTD (The rate provided here is only for reference)

  • Accommodation Fees:CMU dormitory places are available to undergraduate students only. New international undergraduate students have first priority for on-campus accommodation (3-4 people share one room). The rent is about NT.8,300~10,300 per person per semester.
  • Living Expenses:The average living expenses range from NTD 6,000 to NTD 10,000 per month. This figure may vary individually. Costs of textbooks are at one’s own expenses and can vary from program to program.
  • Student Safety Insurance Fee: NTD 135 per semester
    Health Insurance Fee: NTD 500- 749 per month
    Internet Access Fee: NTD 650 per semester