Scholarships and Fees


  • International students may apply for government-sponsored Taiwan Scholarship via Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan representative office in/near the country, please refer to the application information on the websites of Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan representative office in/near the country or Study in Taiwan:
  • CMU International Student Scholarship: Please refer to the following CMU Regulations for International Student Scholarship for application eligibilities. (Taiwan Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply)

  • Scholarships are offered by various organizations. Please note that the applications for admissions and for scholarship are separate procedures. Applicants who are awarded with any scholarship are NOT guaranteed admission to CMU and vice versa.
  • Actual scholarship are subject to change by China Medical University.






Application Fee

No application fee is required.



Tuitions and Fees

Tuition Fees:The following chart is based on the previous year and is for reference only. The insurance fee and internet access fee are not included. The tuition fees for international students are as same as those for domestic students.
Degree School/Department/Institute Tuition /per semester(NTD)
Graduate Program Chinese Medical Science, Acupuncture, Integrated Medicine 61,395
Dentistry 56,258
Other 48,380
Undergraduate Program Medicine, Chinese Medicine 71,489
Dentistry 65,425
Other 56,126

* The exchange rate: 1USD = 33.5NTD (The rate provided here is only for reference)

  • Accommodation Fees
  • Living Expenses

    The average living expenses range from NTD 6,000 to NTD 10,000 per month. This figure may vary individually. Costs of textbooks are at one’s own expenses and can vary from program to program.
    * The exchange rate: 1USD ≒ 30.5NTD (The rate provided here is only for reference)