4th Asia Pacific Traditional Nursing Conference--- When traditional care meets with contemporary care: Evidence-based in traditional nursing

Date: November 9, 2010

Reorganizer, Secretariat, Clerk, Cher Meng-Ting Yin

To promote the traditional nursing care, a group of Asia-Pacific nursing specialists held the first nursing conference in Kyung Hee University (Korea) in 2004.  Nursing specialists from China Medical University  (Taiwan), Beijing Univeristy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), Toyama Medical & Pharmaceutical University (Japan), and Mahidol University (Thailand) are invited to present special topics and other papers and posters.  An agreement was reached and a memorandum was signed among representatives from five countries that the conference will be held every two years in difference countries.  Subsequently, the conference was held in Beijing in 2006 and in Japan at Fuji University in 2008.  The 4th Asia-Pacific Nursing conference will be held in China Medical University in Taiwan on November 11-12, 2010.  The theme of this conference is "When traditional care meets with contemporary care: Evidence-based in traditional nursing." In addition to poster sessions, traditional nursing specialists from other four countries and from home institution are invited to speak on special topics. 

The purposes of this conference are (1) to enhance the academic communication and exchange of traditional nursing and to further strengthen the evidence-based nursing foundation, (2) to modernize the traditional nursing care and to elevate the research qulaity of the traditional nursing in Asia-Pacific region, and (3) to promote practical trasitional nursing exchanges and to establish the clinical standard operation procedures.

(Chinese Version.)


The conference poster