CMU International Volunteer Service in Nepal, 2011

Date: January 19, 2011

 Office of Student Affairs, Dean Cheng-Wen Lin

China Medical University (CMU) International Volunteer Service team took a 26-hour flight from Taoyuan, and Hong Kong to Dacca (capital of Bangladesh), then arrived at Katmandu (capital of Nepal) International Airport in early morning on January 20th. Weather was quite cold (below 10℃) in Katmandu, but our team members were very excited about reaching the long-awaited place Jugedi. After a six-hour drive, we arrived at Jugedi in southwestern Nepal, whose people warmly welcomed us, such that we forgot our fatigue from the journey. Stepping onto the road, we saw barefoot children playing around in old clothes. Many villagers sat together, chatted, and enjoyed their leisurely rural life. We offered volunteer medical services in Jugedi while enjoying a quiet and comfortable five days. In addition to clinical services for more than 1300 persons, we visited villagers’ homes and taught them basic hygiene: e.g., bathing and removing head lice. Jugedi is a remote small and poor locale, but villagers always smiled and shared their happiness with us. This heavenly feeling was our biggest reward.


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CMU International Volunteer Service Team at Taoyuan International Airport
Volunteer medical service in Jugedi (1)
Volunteer medical service in Jugedi (2)
Volunteer medical service in Jugedi (3)
Volunteer medical service in Jugedi (4)
group photo in the groundbreaking ceremony of medical station donated by Taiwan