Touring Exhibition ― Highlights for “2010 National Conference for Women Scientists” and “Dream Building Series” at Taichung Girls' Senior High School

Date: September 28, 2011

China Medical University (CMU) held a touring exhibition to highlight two programs “2010 National Conference for Women Scientists” and “Dream Building Series.” The first stop of the exhibition was National Taichung Girls' Senior High School, since September 28, 2011, for a 6-day period. The President of CMU, Professor Jung-Tsun Huang, said, ““CMU held the “2010 National Conference for Women Scientists” last year guided by the National Science Council, Taiwan. During the conference, CMU authority invited more than 20 outstanding women scientists from different disciplines to share their successful experiences about how to make their dreams come true, aimed to encourage female students to break the gender stereotypes, to pursue excellence, and to develop their competence. The “Dream Building Series” program gave young students the opportunity to talk to these successful women scientists, aimed to foster high school and college students’ self-exploration. These two programs have gained good credits and overwhelming responses on campus. The touring exhibition should give young students the various visions to see the world differently”.

In the touring exhibition presented at Taichung Girls' Senior High School “2010 National Conference for Women Scientists” and “Dream Building Series,” the women scientists’ outstanding performances and contributions across different fields were recognized. These programs have introduced excellent examples to lead young students the ways to make their dreams and encourage young students to make achievement in their career and life in the future.

The Principal of Taichung Girls' Senior High School, Dr. Hsu-Chang Tai, appreciated these programs very much, and said, “Many of the women scientists graduated from Taichung Girls' Senior High School, such as Dr. Meng-Shya Rau, Dr. Nu-En Huang and Dr. Lin-Ni Hau, and they are the best role models for our students. The stories of these distinguished women scientists from different fields help the students to build strong beliefs in their future. This exhibition will also foster students’ habits of learning through viewing exhibitions like these, which will enable students to learn more. In the future, we will invite more outstanding women scientists to our school to give talks to our students.”

After the exhibition, Teng-ruey Chang, a undergraduate student from Department of Pharmacy, CMU, was positioned as a tour guide in this exhibition. She said,

For many things, it does not make sense until we act after we know it! I missed the “2010 National Conference for Women Scientists”. However, I am pleased to have this opportunity to join this touring exhibition to spread the wonderful information to the students of senior high schools.  

Even though I am 6 years older than those senior high school students, curiosity on science makes all of us having same conversations. The students of Taichung Girls' Senior High School are with energy and full of curiosity to the women scientists featured on the exhibition posters. Everyone is very interested in the story of Professor Ming-Jung Ho, who has had a great talent for music since childhood. She went to Harvard University for her undergraduate study after finishing her high school educaiton in Taiwan, and took the graduate program for a PhD degree at an Ivy League university. Some students told me, ‘Professor Ho is excellent and a genius, but probably with too high-achievement to be considered as a model. Is there anyone else who is more ordinary that can be a good model for ordinary people?’ However, during the exhibition processing, I realized that self-constraint might be the strongest enemy to us. Life should be started from dream building, and dream should be worked towards the way which can make it come true. Professor Lucia Liu (劉小如) changed her field from literature to biology at the age of 30 and she has become the first person to get the Ph.D. in the field of Wildlife in Taiwan. Everybody has his or her own strengths, and as long as you are interested in the ways you have picked up, you will reach your goal after you work hard.

I feel that oral communication is a better way to disseminate the information than did reading words. Being a guide at the exhibition this time has given me great opportunities to enhance my presentation proficiency and improve my skills in attracting audiences in a short period of time. I am very proud to represent CMU, and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to present the best part of the exhibition to the high school students.”

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