Excelling Oneself by Making Others Complete – Prof. Hung-chi Chen Helping the Dumb to “Re-vocalize”

Date: February 16, 2013

Innovative research results in clinical medicine that benefit patients are numerous; one of these is Prof. Hung-chi Chen, Dean of the College of Medicine at the China Medical University, who helps the dumb “re-vocalize”. He has devoted himself to the study of vocal cord, resulting in the unique “reconstruction of acoustic generator by autologous intestine transplantation to vocal cord”. Through his exquisite medical skill, patients may re-gain the ability to speak out. This is an extraordinary and brilliant medical achievement even on a worldwide level.

Superintendent Hung-chi Chen of the International Medical Center of China Medical University Hospital is a world-renowned reconstructive surgery authority. He researched and developed the “reconstruction of acoustic generator by autologous intestine transplantation to vocal cord” operation on his own accord for the patients’ benefit. He has worked on a total of 125 cases, and presented 65 SCI essays on vocal cord and esophagus. He also published the first book on reconstruction of acoustic generating cord with the intestinal valve – Voice Reconstruction. Prof. Chen has been invited to go overseas as a visiting professor for 42 times and given a number of special talks, sharing experiences on rare cases of reconstruction in special areas with international medical professionals. He has made Taiwan’s name known in the area of reconstructive surgery, and he solely won the honor of “2012 Executive Yuan Outstanding Technological Contribution Award”.

(Chinese Version.)