Memory Loss can be improved with Acupuncture, with proven effects!

Date: June 27, 2016

Exciting news for patients suffering from strokes, if not for all. Medicine and Acupuncture Research Team of China Medical University has some outstanding findings through clinical practices: it is proved that the damages to Learning Memory caused by strokes due to inadequate blood supply to the brain can be improved substantially by stimulating ear acupoints with electoral needles. This spectacular finding has also been published in Scientific Reports, and more and more attention has now been drawn to how beneficial Acupuncture Science can play in supporting patients of needs. 

Acupuncture has been a popular way to help to treat strokes for years by Chinese Medicine Doctors. What’s more, acupuncture has been scientifically proved for its effective outcomes in weight loss, immediate reliefs from muscle sores and neuro pains as well as considerable aiding effects in other diseases encountered in Outpatients’. 

With Taiwan entering the era of population ageing, there is a growing number of the elderly who suffer from Cardiovascular diseases, stokes for example. A shocking figure indicating one dies of strokes every 45 minutes, Ministry of Health and Welfare states. Not only can stokes result in death but also paralyzing of limbs, impairment to memory and recognitions, Vascular dementia. It is therefore a vital health issue worth great attention. 

As remarked by Dr. Hen-Hong Chang, Dean of College of Chinese Medicine, the research team led by Dr. Ching-Liang Hsieh found that the number of decreasing nicotinic acetylcholineα4 receptors resulted from strokes can be considerably improved with electoral needle stimulus. These results are so exciting and scientifically significant that the finding has been published in mega journal Scientific Reports under Nature magazine. 

With the support of Research Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine, founded under Aim for the Top University Plan of Ministry of Education, Research Centre for Chinese & Acupuncture is thereby set up under the leadership of Dr. Hen-Hong Chang and Dr. Ching-Liang Hsieh with strong research members including Professor Ching-Tung Kuo, Assistant Professor Yiwen Lin, Ms. Nou-Ying Tang, Assistant Professor Chin-Yi Cheng and so on; for all of whom should be given the credits for its great success. 

For many years acupuncture has been applied in treating stokes by Chinese Medicine Doctors and records of this approach can be traced back to ancient time. It is our aim to be able to pin down the mechanism of improvement made through electoral needle stimulus on basic research in order to benefit more patients as well as our great academic achievements being recognized. Under the great leadership of Chancellor Lee and Vice-chancellor Tsai, achievements on China Medicines have been brought to worldwide audience by China Medical University through the high quality and increasing quantity of the publications on acupuncture. It is our overall hope to benefit more people with advanced modern Chinese Medicine; in the meantime, promoting great efforts and work done by excellent scholars in Taiwan to the whole world.

(Chinese Version.)