Topnotch Investigators gathered at China Medical University to convene a 2-day International Forum on Biomedical Science

Date: July 5, 2016


To enhance global visibility of biomedical science in Taiwan and to offer a platform for international collaboration to develop greater winning opportunities, 2016 International Biomedicine Forum was held at China Medical University for 2 days, starting July 1. In this English-only conference, topnotch scientists from the US and more than 20 Academicians from Academia Sinica delivered special lectures covering a broad scope of hot topics including cancer, neuroscience, metabolism, biological chemistry, immunology, stem cells, virus and plant ecology. In his opening remarks, President Wen-Hwa Lee promoted interdisciplinary dialogue to foster cohesive collaboration and broaden global view.  Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai envisioned advances in basic research, new drug discovery and healthcare revolution with spectacular achievements.

(Chinese Version.)