China Medical University Hospital Further the Strong Partnership with Novartis Taiwan.

Date: July 15, 2016


After 6 years of great partnership, Novartis Taiwan, an industry leader in pharmaceutical, signed another MoU with China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) on May 19, 2016. Other than the continuing partnership in developing the early stage clinical trials, this MoUs also emphasize on the development of the newer generation’s clinical researchers to further the doctors and researchers’ ability to establish more clinical trail proposals. During the day of the signing ceremony, Novartis also partner up with China Medical University Hospital to promote stroke prevention and personal health by setting up stroke prevention station and playing mini films.

Dr. Chung Y. Hsu, the board of trustees of China Medical University and Health Care System, points out the great development and establishment of the new research centers as well as the active recruitment of the domestic and international leading experts. With CMU’s unique expertise on Chinese Herbal medicine, the University and Health Care System are able to build strong foundation for research and partnership with many international pharmaceutical companies. The continuing partnership with Novartis Taiwan is the perfection example of the great works done by China Medical University and CMU Health Care System.

Over the years, Novartis Taiwan has partnered with China Medical University Hospital on developing various new medicine including new drugs for type B and type C hepatitis, heart failure, anti-rejection for liver transplant, as well as chronic obstruction pulmonary disease. Every year, Novartis Taiwan also held stroke prevention events at CMU Hospital with stroke case manager and nurses stationed during the event and provide consultant to the public. With China Medical University and CMU Hospital continues to develop partnerships with various biomedical industry leaders, the University and Health Care System will continue serve the greater public with new researches and new developments on medicines and health cares.