‘An accomplished disciple owes his accomplishment to his great teacher’-Another school term has begun

Date: September 13, 2016

‘An accomplished disciple owes his accomplishment to his great teacher’-Another school term has begun

Time flies and a fresh new term has just begun. On the 5th of September, China Medical University has held Freshmen Orientation at both Taichung and Beigang campus. Chancellor of China Medical University, Dr. Wen-Hwa Lee, along with Vice Presidents, and Heads of Administrative Offices and Heads of Schools, welcome all the freshmen to join the CMU family. A lucky draw event was held for the early celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, bringing warmth to freshmen who had just parted from home.

The Orientation started off with a grand welcome ceremony for the freshmen. The ceremony was hosted by Chancellor Lee, along with Vice President Dr. Yang-Chang Wu, Vice President Cheng-Chieh Lin, Vice President Jyn-Hong Chen, in company with Chief Secretary Shwn-Huey Shieh, and other Heads of Administrative or School Offices. The speech given by Chancellor Lee emboldens the freshmen to learn and explore more in this new milestone of life. He encouraged students to not only enrich knowledge related to their profession but also cultivate values of Arts and Humanities, substantiate their communication and leadership skills to be more competitive in this era.

During Chancellor Lee’s speech, he also described China Medical University as a small but beautiful learning environment. The university not only emphasizes on both education and research, but it also provides a comfortable and lively environment for the students so that they could enjoy the learning process while creating their own community to share it with. Believing in ‘an accomplished disciple owes his accomplishment to his great teacher’, China Medical University has recruited more than 80 teachers that specialize in different fields to promise better learning opportunities for the students. Chancellor Lee also encouraged students to follow the footsteps of professors and commit to research or in-depth studies.

Besides the comprehensive learning environment, there are many unique societies awaiting freshmen to step foot in. Last summer, the volunteering team traveled to outlying islands and rural areas abroad. They delivered help and care to the underprivileged people passionately. Liao, a year 5 medical student who had devoted himself to propagating human rights and received an award from the Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) organisation. Therefore, Chancellor encourages students to get involved in societies, and be inspired by the members. Many interesting celebrations were also held in the university last semester. For example, the Science Expo Championship won by Ms. Chong from medical school, and the participation of Goodwill Ambassadors of Beauty Association during the National day celebration.

After the closing ceremony for the orientation in Taichung campus, the leaders moved on to China Medical University Beigang campus for the freshmen orientation in the afternoon. Once again, Chancellor gave an engaging speech to the freshmen to motivate them in making the most out of their university life. The speech was followed by a speech given by the dean of Beigang hospital, Superintendent Hsi-Chin Wu. Superintendent Wu expressed that although the facilities in Beigang may not be as advanced as their counterpart, the campus is built comfortably for students to study and live in.

After the orientation, Director Yu-Ju Ku prepared a lucky draw session for the students and had an early celebration of Mid-Autumn festival with students who had just parted from home.

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