Dr. Rednose Is Coming to Town

Date: August 3, 2017

Burst of laughter and melody of the piano flooded the ward of CMU Children’s Hospital. Dr. Rednose is now in the house! On August 3rd, a group of Dr. Rednose arrived at CMU Children’s Hospital with zeal. With a Ukulele on hand and colorful makeup on face, they separated into pairs and made all the children giggle. Dr. Rednose is neither a doctor nor a therapist; in fact, they are well-trained actors from Theatre de la Satine. By performing magic tricks and singing, they comfort the sick children and keep them away from sorrow.

Hi-Chew clown and Doka clown fiddled with Ukulele and opened the door of the ward with cute dolls in hand; suddenly, children held their tears. Au Lait clown folded paper planes with children; he told them that the paper plane will carry their dreams to the sky.

Listening is the best accompany. The purpose of Dr. Rednose is not only entertaining the children but also being by their sides. Being hospitalized in a ward isn’t easy for a child that they may easily become emotional and anxious. Through games and performances, Dr. Rednose seeks to ease the pain of the children and give the stressful parents and medical personnel a break at the same time.

Started from the February of 2016, to create better medical environment for children, CMU Children’s Hospital has invited Dr. Rednose to be their guest every Thursday morning. Sixteen professional actors with distinguishing features will make a tour through the wards to cheer the children up. They are a pioneer of Taiwan’s medical care that dedicated to create a friendly environment for children.

Remote controller clown role-played with the children who played the doctor that they encounter every day, trying to comfort the crying clown. A boy took Bacon clown’s hand and told him all he knew about Pokemon until his mother dragged him out for home; “see you next week!” shouted the little boy with a big smile on his face. The existence of the clown truly brings sunshine to the hospital and helps the little fighters to regain courage to fight the disease!