The Role Model in Frontier Science Research- Introducing the Winner of 61st Academic Award- Professor Wu, Kou-Juey

Date: October 8, 2017

The winner of the 61st academic award has been announced! Professor Wu, Kou-Juey, dean of China Medical University, Institute of Cancer Biology, who had dedicated himself to the research of the mechanism of metastasis of cancer has earned himself this privilege.

Professor Wu, who took home a large quantity of academic awards, had devoted himself to the study of the mechanism of metastasis of cancer. Professor Wu has produced a large number of successful publications on considerable influential international journals.

Started from the year 2003, Professor Wu published a series of studies regarding the role of oncogene c-MYC and DNA repair gene NBS 1 in the exacerbation and metastasis of cancer. The research results of Professor Wu has been published in considerable authoritative journals such as Oncogene, Nature Reviews Cancer and Nature Cell Biology.

Thanks to all dedicated researchers of the China Medical University family, we are able to create a fine environment for academic development and be recognized as a reputable university even on international arenas.