On 13th of October, the 32nd International Symposium on Natural Products Was Held at International Conference Hall of China Medical University.

Date: October 13, 2017

Professor Yi-Tsau Huang, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Education and chairman of the Society of Nature Medicine delivered his appreciation to the hard work all intellectuals had poured into the research of Nature Medicine. Professor Yi-Tsau Huang expressed the International Symposium on Natural Products has been one of the most reputable and established symposiums of Taiwan, gaining attention and participation from intellectuals all around the world.

Professor Wen-Hwa Lee, president of China Medical University, delivered his warm welcome to all the intellectuals from Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong who joined us in this symposium. President Lee believed that all the researches and wisdom of researchers in the Nature Medicine field are potential to become the rising star in pharmaceutical field. Without the all-out effort that are dedicated by intellectuals in Nature Medicine, healthcare team would not be able to discover more efficient medicine in combating diseases.

With all the wisdom and knowledge that are gathered and shared, nature medicine is believed to take a further and more successful step in the road of medicine.


32nd International Symposium on Natural Products