Dr. Chang-Hai Tsai Won Top Ten Educational Entrepreneurs

Date: October 26, 2017

Dr Chang-Hai Tsai, the founder and the chairman of the Board of Trustees of both Asia University (AU) and China Medical University & Health Care System (CMUH), won the 5th year awards of Top Ten Educational Entrepreneurs.

On 26th October, the 5th year awards ceremony of Top Ten Educational Entrepreneurs was held at Taipei Hero House. Dr Chang-Hai Tsai was to be honoured with the Top Ten Educational Entrepreneurs awarded by R.O.C. Private Education Association.

Since taking up his position as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of AU and CMUH in 2001, Dr. Tsai had lead CMU to enter the world’s privileged universities and CMUH has risen as international medical centre. The academic performance of CMU has shown outstanding achievement, taken home the 197th place among the world’s universities and the 2nd in Taiwan. Dr. Tsai has established twelve research and development centers and ten comprehensive medical centers, providing better healthcare for patients in need for medical support.

To nurture more potential and talented students in Taiwan, Dr. Tsai and the deceased chairman of  Board of Trustees of Yo-Ji Construction Co., Mr. Tseng-Lien Lin have founded Asia University in 2001. Dr. Tsai expressed that Asia University is one of the most fast-growing universities in Taiwan. Asia University Hospital was also established to provide more systematic emergency healthcare to people in Taichung area.

Dr. Tsai promised that he will continue to dedicate himself in educational and medical field of Taiwan. He will continue to lead Asia University and China Medical University Healthcare System to become a more outstanding world renowned medical centre, providing first class medical care for all people and make Taiwan proud.