China Medical University in 2017 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO

Date: December 6, 2017

2017 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO was held at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall on December 7. 2017 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO is the first ever exhibition in Taiwan that brings together physicians, and biotechnology companies, services, and networks in a common platform to foster communications and collaborations between the different groups. China Medical University is themed with spaceship to represent our determination in stepping towards Medical 4.0.

Counsellor of China Medical University, Dr Der-Yang Cho expressed that under the leadership of Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai, China Medical University is becoming a pioneer in Chinese-Western Medicine and pharmacology.

During 2017 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO, we have exhibited 3 units, including Featured Medical Unit, Future Medical Unit and Academic Entrepreneur Exhibition and ShuiNan Medical Park Unit. As the first 3DP center which fully integrated with a medical healthcare system, we have also held talks such as Build a 3D printing center in hospital-process, quality, and regulation.

In recent years, China Medical University is determined to step up in our medical quality in the field Emergency Medicine. We had received numerous recognitions and prizes in terms of creativity, innovation and patient’s satisfaction such as the prize Symbol of national Quality and recognized as Smart Hospital.

With principles of Creativity, Innovation and Pursuit of excellence Vice president Cheng-Chieh Lin expressed that China Medical University Health System is working towards excellence in academics, researches and medical services.






2017 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO