CMU Medical & Healthcare Volunteers Put Training Skills into Practice on Lanyu Island

Date: July 30, 2018

The CMU Medical & Healthcare Youth Cycling Team volunteers successfully completed a two-week voluntary project around Taiwan and then continued their voluntary work on Lanyu Island. The program was jointly planned by the CMU’s Office of Higher Education Sprout Project (USR Project) and the Physical Education Office. 17 CMU students from the School of Medicine, the School of Chinese Medicine, the School of Post-baccalaureate Chinese Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Nursing, and the Department of Public Health along with 7 doctors used bicycles as a means of transportation and became a symbol of this medical volunteer service.

On the morning of July 8th, the volunteers set off from the school in Taichung and started a two-week tour around Taiwan to gain a deep understanding of medical service conditions in rural districts. Five days later, the team members arrived at Lanyu. Both traditional Chinese and western medical services such as orthopedic and dental treatments were provided for the islanders. About 300 locals benefited and the residents hoped that these meaningful activities could continue and be held every year.

The CMU students also held a summer camp for Lanyu children at Langdao Elementary School. The classes included medication safety, acupuncture, eye care, diet and nutrition, etc. Through various dynamic health education activities, local children could learn about good health practices and habits, allowing the CMU students to further convey important health information to other communities.

An interview with Dr. Hsu Chao-Pin, the founder of the Nan-Hui Hospital, was also arranged for the CMU medical team. Dr. Hsu thought rural medical issues were socioeconomic problems. Despite the shortage of resources and poor infrastructure, Dr. Hsu encouraged medical students to rethink their social responsibilities and the meaning of medical practice, and the possible ways to close the gap of healthcare quality between cities and rural areas.

During this service trip, the CMU students' sense of social responsibility was ignited. They are looking forward to continuing their volunteer service in remote communities and Lanyu, and contributing more to the well-being of local residents.


The CMU Medical & Healthcare Youth Cycling Team volunteers on Lanyu Island
Group photo