First of Its Kind Standard Operating Procedure Workshop Launches at CMU

Date: August 15, 2018

To improve the quality and effectiveness of administrative work at CMU, a standard operating procedure (SOP) workshop was held for the first time on August 15th in R103, Li-fu Building at CMU. Hundreds of administrative staff participated in the training course, and the Chief Secretary Shieh Shwn-Huey encouraged participants to work smarter in a smart way.


The speaker Liu Chun-Yi from the Office of Administration Management presented the topic “Rationalization and Standardization of the Work Process” to the CMU staff. She explained the basic framework of the SOP and gave practical examples to illustrate how the SOP works in our daily work and life.  


Ms. Liu noted that the SOP is the most essential factor contributing to stabilization of an institution and performance consistency at the workplace. Through the process of work standardization, work quality can be ensured, and it can provide advantages for newcomers in terms of performing complex tasks with limited resources in limited time. 


Chief Secretary and the featured speaker Liu Chun-Yi
the SOP workshop