CMU Penghu Volunteer Team of Chinese Medicine Went for a Healthcare Mission on Jiangjun’ao Island and Chime Island

Date: August 28, 2018

CMU has been continuously providing its medical services for remote villagers. This summer, the CMU Penghu volunteer team of Chinese Medicine set off to Jiangjun’ao Island and Chime Island on August 13th for a seven-day healthcare mission. The Chinese medicine services including acupuncture, massage, medication and healthcare lessons were offered for hundreds of islanders to facilitate the implementation of the local long-term care program.


It was the second time for the CMU international volunteers of Chinese medicine heading to Penghu. The first trip reached only to Jiangjun’ao Island. This year, the medical team included Chime Island on the itinerary. The 16 medical volunteers wearing their uniform departed from Harbor Budai. Their passion was not weakened by the unpleasant weather on the ocean. Instead, they were determined to perform their duties in these remote areas.


The feature of this mission was to provide medical care for local residents from the perspective of Chinese medicine. At the same time, the CMU team arranged local family visits and performed the Body Constitution Questionnaires (BCQ) survey for the residents, which was served as the reference for evaluating locals’ daily diet, medication and exercise plans. This medical project was truly a milestone of the local long-term care plan.


Chime Island has been famous for its double-hearted stone and beautiful scenery, but it also seriously lacks medical resources. Thanks to the chief of the West Lake village Lu Wen-Chun’s arrangement, the CMU medical team was brought to the scene. For the villagers, it was like rain after a long drought.   


The head of the CMU volunteer group, Chang Hung-Ming, said this project was organized by the international volunteer club, and elite students from the Chinese medicine research club, the School of Post-baccalaureate and the School of Chinese medicine were invited to join this volunteer tour. Special thanks to both village chiefs, Lu Wen-Chun and Lu Ai-Hsiang, who helped with the accommodation and meals during this trip and following sponsored companies: Chang Ching Pao Biotechnology, Bu Der Biomedical Corporation, Ya Zhen Peng, Duii company, Hseiyi company, Gole private institution and Wan Hai Lines.


Last but not least, with the help from Chinese medicine doctors Dr. Lu Yen-Chang and Dr. Ou Shih-Chen, the team members could get involved in local communities quickly and perform their duty. The CMU team hoped that this meaningful medical mission could turn into an annual activity.


Group photo on Jiangjunao Island
Group photo on Chime Island
Dr. Lu Yen-Chang with villagers