CMU held the 2018 Cosmetics Products Development Symposium

Date: September 9, 2018

Taiwan Testing and Quality Assurance SocietyTTQASand CMU Department of Cosmeceutics held the 2018 Cosmetics Products Development Symposium on the 8th of September. Seven experts were invited to discuss on the trend and application of cosmetics laws and regulations. Several important issues were addressed during the symposium, such as the development and application of Chinese Medicine in cosmetics; the development of Carbon Nanomaterial in biotechnology; the key point and schedule of the amendment of the Law for the Control of Cosmetic Hygiene; the development and application of the raw materials in skincare products; the function of the active constituents in cosmetics in genetic control aspect; the challenge of the vendors to apply for the approved documents for imported cosmetics from China. The event has greatly benefited the researchers and students from the related fields.

Almost 100 people participated in 2018 Cosmetics Products Development Symposium, including Chief Guo-Deng Hong from the Section of Medical Instruments and Cosmetics, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare; Vice President Kuang-Hway Yih from Hungkung University; Dean Chao-Hsun Yang from College of Science, Providence University; Professor Ching-Cong, Lin from Department of Cosmetic Science and Institute of Cosmetic Science, Chia Nan University; President Jia-Yi Li from Shi Chien International Co.,LTD; Director Xin-Yi Chen from TCI CO., Ltd; and faculties and students from CMU Department of Cosmeceutics. During the symposium, 20 posters were presented at the venue, letting the participants to have better understanding of the development of cosmetics.



2018 Cosmetics Products Development Symposium