2018 Administration and Colleges Consensus Camp- Building up AI Smart University & Hospital, Enhancing Research Power, Promoting Innovative Features, and Upgrading Services

Date: September 2, 2018

CMU held the 2018 Administration and Colleges Consensus Camp on 31st of August to enhance internal cohesion. Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai mentioned that by the year of 2022, the population of Taiwan will start to show a negative growth. He believed that Taiwan should learn from the experience of Switzerland and Israel. Switzerland has 26 Nobel Prize winners among only 8.4 million populations, and has two World’s Top 5 pharmaceutical factories- NOVARTIS and Roche; on the other hand, Israel, with the population of 8 million, has cultivated 12 Nobel Prize winners, and TEVA, one of the world’s Top 10 pharmaceutical factories.

Moreover, in respond to the trend of AI development, Chairman Tsai encouraged CMU to build up AI Smart University & Hospital. In the end of May, CMU & CMUH won two champions at GPU Technology Conference (GTC), and were honored number one in the AI medical section. Facing the fact that Japan government plans to invest 10 billion dollars on AI hospitals, Chairman Tsai expected the university to put more efforts on AI, including customized learning courses, AI knowledge management, AI campus service, international classroom, and AI administration system. As for CMUH, he is looking forward to see the progress on developing virtual assistant, image learning, computer-aided diagnosis, disease risk prediction, medication finding, healthcare management, hospital management, and assistant medical research platform.

Furthermore, Chairman Tsai’s vision is to bring CMU to the world’s top 150 in four years (by 2022), and top 100 in nine years (by 2027). However, the goal will be nearly impossible to be fulfilled without the efforts of CMU faculties. Even though our ARWU ranking has dropped from 197th to 244th this year, he encouraged each college and department to develop its own feature in order to become Taiwan’s top 3 in four years. 

Facing competitions and challenges, we need to be innovative on developing AI, big data, precision medicine, 3D printing, AI assistive products, new drugs, and top-notch medicine such as cell therapy. Last but not least, Chairman Tsai encouraged faculties to keep promoting the globalization of CMU. We should be innovative, set and achieve goals efficiently, aim only for the top, and become the Stanford University of Taiwan!


Group Photo