Great Examples of Medical Contribution: Doctor Mao-Feng Sun and Doctor Chiu-Ching Huang Both Honored the “Medical Contribution Award” by Taichung City Government

Date: November 5, 2018

Doctor Mao-Feng Sun, the dean of CMU College of Chinese Medicine, dedicates himself in promoting the clinical service of Chinese medicine. Doctor Chiu-Ching Huang, the consultant of CMU hospital superintendent, established the prevention and care system for chronic kidney diseases. Their achievements were recognized by Taichung city government and they were honored the “Medical Contribution Award” of year 2017.
Outstanding performance of Doctor Chiu-Ching Huang:
Doctor Chiu-Ching Huang is a pioneer in international kidney dialysis and kidney transplant. She led the elites from Nephrology field to establish a chronic kidney disease prevention and care system in Taiwan, which decreased the chronic kidney disease incidence rate. Therefore, Doctor Huang was honored the “Prestigious 2011 ISBP Award” by International Society of Blood Purification; “2011 Contribution Award” by Taiwan Society of Nephrology; “2017 Contribution Award” by The Transplantation Society of Taiwan.
In addition, Doctor Huang founded CMU Nephrology Medical Center that provids comprehensive treatment for acute and chronic renal failure (continuous renal replacement therapy, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis)for the residents in central Taiwan area. Moreover, Doctor Huang established “Taiwan Enhanced Home Hemodialysis Training Center” and introduced the world’s best hemodialysis program that benefited many patients.
Outstanding performance of Doctor Mao-Feng Sun:
Doctor Sun has been engaged in education service, clinical work, and research in CMU for over 20 years. He dedicated himself in promoting Chinese medicine clinical service and upgrading medical quality. Doctor Sun had served as many important positions in Chinese medicine community, including the chairman of National Union of Chinese Medical Doctor’s Association, the chairman of Taoyuan Chinese Medicine Association, etc.
Many awards honored to Doctor Mao-Feng Sun includes “2001 World Doctor Award” by World Peace Foundation, “2005 Taoyuan Excellent Medical Personnel Award”, “2013 China Medical University Hospital Outstanding Doctor Award”.

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Doctor Chiu-Ching Huang (left) and Doctor Mao-Feng Sun (right)