Taiwan’s Chinese Medicine Shines on the World: CMU Professor Jaung-Geng Lin Invited by The 19th International Congress of Oriental Medicine as the Guest Speaker

Date: November 26, 2018

The 19th International Congress of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) was held in Taipei from November 24th to 26th. Dr. Jaung-Geng Lin, the president of ISOM and the chair professor of China Medical University, was invited to give a speech on the topic “The use of acupuncture in emergency medicine”. Clinical medicine has proved that acupuncture can reduce pain, soothe patients’ mood, and tranquilize. Professor Lin’s presentation let the value of traditional medicine of Taiwan recognized by the world.
The 19th ICOM was held by the National Union of Chinese Medical Doctors’ Association and China Medical University. It is the largest academic exchange event between the traditional medical community of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. This year the 19th ICOM attracted more than 500 scholars.
Dr. Chien-Jen Chen, Taiwan’s vice president, delivered a message on the 25th. During the speech, he mentioned the number of chronical diseases has been increasing due to the aging of population, so the traditional medicine has become the trend of medical development globally. Taiwan has been paying great attention to the management and the development of Chinese medicine. Taiwan is a country that adopts Chinese and western medicine into the health care system, and we are a pioneer in Chinese medicine management system. Taiwan has established a good education system for Chinese medicine doctor, an evaluation system for Chinese medical institutions, and a safety and quality supervision system for Chinese medicinal drugs. Besides, Chinese medicine has been incorporated into national health insurance system to provide Taiwanese people with high quality, convenient, and affordable Chinese medical services.
Vice president Chen also mentioned that since Taiwan is a member of the global village, we are highly enthusiastic in participating various international medical organizations and activities. With the medical experiences and resources, Taiwan is willing to help countries in need to improve their medical environment and bring hope to more people around the world.
ICOM is recognized and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) since its establishment in 1975. By participating in ICOM, the academic status of Taiwan’s Chinese medicine community has been raised. Dr. Jaung-Geng Lin is the first Taiwanese president of ICOM. He made efforts to host the 19th ICOM in Taiwan and invited Dr. Wang-Chuan Chen as the chairman, Dr. Chun-Chuan as chief executive. With the success of the 19th ICOM, they mark a marvelous page for Taiwan’s traditional medicine development.

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Professor Jaung-Geng Lin
The 19th International Congress of Oriental Medicine