“3D Printing Medical Center” of China Asia Associated University Received the 15th National Innovation Award by Developing Prospective Medical Device for Nerve Regeneration

Date: November 30, 2018

The “3D Printing Medical Center” of China Asia Associated University combined the needs of clinical cases; and Ming-You Shie, the medical application team leader, working with the biomedical material and tissue engineering team to develope the “3D cell spheres with the printable neural conduit for innovative medical device”. This development was awarded the 15th National Innovation Award in the academic research category and it is expected that it will improve the effect of nerve regeneration in the future.
The “3D Printing Medical Center” established by China Asia Associated University is the first research center in the hospital system that focuses on the technology innovation of 3D printing medical materials. The center develops materials from the aspects of original research, clinical certification, and standard establishment. China Asia Associated University aims to become a world-class medical system that values the life quality of citizens.
Doctor Ming-You Shie said, “This innovative technology is multi-functional. It includes 1. biocompatible light curing waterborne polyurethane materials, 2. bionic multi-channel nerve conduit process, and 3. biological agent integrated technology.”
Doctor Ming-You Shie is optimistic that this technology can control and enhance the directionality and the ability of nerve regeneration, and can incorporate the concept of biological agents. In the future, clinical medical equipment and clinical cases can be combined to develop 3D printing medical products, so this technology can become one of the potential treatments.
The award ceremony of the 15th National Innovation Award was held on November 30th in Taipei. Over 800 guests and awardees from world-wide innovative biomedical companies and outstanding research institutions attended the ceremony. It is an annual big event in the field of health care services.

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The Team of "3D Printing Medical Center" in the Award Ceremony