Passion in Education Never Ends: Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee’s Final Lecture before Retirement

Date: December 28, 2018

On December 21st, Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee was invited to give a lecture in the course “Lecture on Modern Biomedicine”. This is Chancellor Lee’s final lecture before his retirement. During the lecture, Chancellor Lee encouraged young researchers to be ambitious in solving problems, and to find a research topic that brings a sense of achievement.
Chancellor Lee challenged young professors and graduate students to find their own goal and be self-motivated. It is important to find a research topic of one’s interest, which helps one gain a sense of accomplishment. After Chancellor Lee’s lecture, CMU students present bouquets and took photos with him. After all, with Chancellor Lee’s retirement, students would not easily get a chance to listen to the lecture given by Chancellor Lee, a master in cancer research, anymore.
“Lecture on Modern Biomedicine” is a course initiated by Chancellor Lee. In this course, the national and international prestigious scholars are invited to give lectures and share their experiences. It not only provides CMU faculties and students the access to the latest development knowledge and the various ways of thinking in different fields of life sciences, but also holds discussion session for those who are interested. The course “Lecture on Modern Biomedicine” surely uplifts the teaching and research standard of CMU.

(Chinese Version.)


Chancellor Lee Giving the Lecture
Chancellor Lee with CMU Faculties and Students