Joint venture to build biotech TSMC ~ China Medical University and Asia University together working with Industrial Technology Research Institute to facilitate collaborative R&D dynamics

Date: May 6, 2016


Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical company in Taiwan and in the world renewed memorandum of collaboration (MOU) with China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) after joint clinical research for 6 years. Trustee Chung Y. Hsu of China Medical University and Healthcare System remarked that CMUH has established several research centers and recruited distinguished investigators in Taiwan and abroad to acquire Clinical Trial Center of Excellence and Cancer Research Center of Excellence from Ministry of Health and Welfare. With unique R&D strengths in traditional Chinese medicine to build a solid research platform, CMUH has attracted several multinational pharmaceutical companies for collaboration as demonstrated by the second-term MOU in collaboration with Novartis. This joint venture is likely to benefit more patients in the greater central Taiwan region.

(Chinese Version.)