China Medical University named the Best Private University in Taiwan and Top 50 University in Asia

Date: June 22, 2016

Times Higher Education recently announces the top 200 universities in Asia. China Medical University is ranked #46 in all university in Asia, #6 in all university in Taiwan and #1 among all private university in Taiwan.
By using 13 different merits, Times Higher Education measures university’s quality and achievements through education qualities, research advancement and achievements, numbers of publishing, industry partnership, and internationalization. And while majority of the governmental resources were allocated to support public schools, China Medical University still meets the challenge and came out on top with the ranking in Taiwan and Asia. Chancellor Lee, as the leading force pushing China Medical University to the international level shows his appreciation toward all the faculty, staff, and students at the University and the CMU Health System. According to Chancellor Lee, China Medical University will continue to strive for the best among the top universities in the world. Under the leadership of Chairman Tsai, the Board of Trustee, and the incredible work done by faculty, staff, and students, the University has made dramatic improvements on teaching, research, and administrative structure.
To further advancing education and research focuses, China Medical University has established 6 research center including Research Center for Tumor medical Science, Immunology Diseases Research Center, Research Center for Brain Diseases, Research Center for Chinese Herbal Medicine, Research Center for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, and Integrative Stem Cell Center. This year, the board of director at China Medical University has invested 100 million dollars with the goal to recruit 100 elite medical professionals from around the globe. This project will no doubt leads China Medical University and the biomedical science research community in Taiwan to stand at the top of the global research circle.

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