“It is not the gift but the thoughts that count”-----Plaques are bestowed from patients

Date: November 12, 2016

Mr. Xia-Min Zhang who runs agro-food industry suffered a stroke in the year of 2000. He was rushed to China Medical University Beigang Hospital and discharged after receiving hospitalized care. Unfortunately, his father, Mr. De-Sheng Zhang also had a stroke. Assured and pleased by previous hospitalization experience , Mr. De-Sheng, Zhang was sent to Beigang hospital and has shown amazing recovery. In appreciation for the care and service of the medical team in Beigang hospital, the Zhangs handseled two plaques to Dr. Jiam-Thih Yeh and Nurse Shun-Mei Xu.

According to Dr. Yeh, Mr. De-Sheng Zhang showed sign of dizziness, sudden confusion, trouble speaking, weakness of one leg on the 9th of October and was rushed to hospital by his family. He was then diagnosed with a stroke. Mr. Zhang had shown left limb weakness and once transferred to ICU. Thanks to our medical team, Mr. Zhang showed nice recovery and is currently receiving physiotherapy and Chinese medicine care.

Mr. Xia-Min Zhang experienced sudden trouble seeing and left limb numbness when he suffered from strokes years ago. He has recovered and been able to regain his sight after receiving care from the hospital.

In appreciation for the care and service both he and his father received in Beigang Hospital, they conferred two plaques to express their gratitude.

Dr. Hsi-Chin Wu, Superintendent of Beigang hospital expressed that our hospital has received SNQ (Symbol of National Quality) last year. We were ranked in the 4th place in numbers of patients who received TPA administration in Golden Hour of Acute Ischemic Stroke at our hospital. We have also received [Prize of Top Quality Acute Care of Stroke] and [Prize of Outstanding Contribution in the Acute Care of Stroke] given by Cerebrovascular Diseases Prevention and Treatment Foundation and Taiwan Stroke Association.

Superintendent Wu reminds the public to stay warm and pay attention to chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid strokes. If symptoms are shown, seek medical care as soon as possible.


(Chinese Version.)