“Liucuo Village Community Service Station”, A Successful Elderly Health Care Services by CMU Beigang Hospital

Date: November 2, 2018

Under the leadership of the Superintendent His-Chin Wu, China Medical University Beigang Hospital actively promotes the comprehensive community health care services for the elderly in Yunlin rural districts. “Liucuo Village Community Service Station” was established to provide medical care and healthy lunch meals to the elderly. The service station was a success and received many good reviews.
To implement the long-term care 2.0 program, Superintendent Wu established the service station with the assistance from the mayor of Beigang Township, the director of Liucuo Community Development Association, and local volunteers. The service station not only includes a dining hall, but also integrated medical teams from the hospital to provide home health care, bathing car, and other long-term care services. The station has constructed a model for the elderly health care in rural areas and thus enhanced the health condition of the elderly.
Since May this year, the medical team of CMU Beigang hospital had held 32 health promotion activities, a total of 513 people participated. 17 activities focused on the topic of delay dementia and disabilities that attracted 214 participants. Among all services, the most popular one is the healthy meal. Since the opening of the dining hall this February, many elderly happily enjoy their lunch meals in the dining hall every day, which also takes off worries of providing meals from elderly’s families.
Superintendent Wu said the purpose of the long-term care 2.0 program is to provide local service to the elderly and shorten their time period of mental health deterioration. With the community service station, CMU Beigang hospital hopes to make medical care accessible in the community so the elderly can grow old healthily and lessen the burden on family caregivers.

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The Dining Hall in Liucuo Village
Health Promotion Activity