“Lifetime Achievement Award” Honored to CMU Vice President Jyh-Hong Chen

Date: November 4, 2018

Doctor Jyh-Hong Chen, the vice president of CMU and the dean of College of Medicine, is an expert in cardiology. When Doctor Chen was in National Cheng Kung University hospital, he promoted the cooperation between cardiac surgery and cardiology, and successfully completed the hospital’s first heart transplant surgery. Since then, 60 cases of heart transplant was done and the long-term survival rate ranked the first in Taiwan. During these years, Doctor Chen also dedicated himself in cultivating medical talents. Doctor Chen was honored the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Tainan Medical Association, which showed that he is an excellent role model in the medical community.
Doctor Chen is a Medical Doctor, he studied and practiced in NTU hospital. In addition, he served as the superintendent in NCKU hospital, and was honored the emeritus professor by NCKU.
Outstanding performance of Doctor Jyh-Hong Chen:
Since 1988, Doctor Chen participated in the establishment of NCKU Medical Center. He founded the first cardiac catheterization examination room in Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan area, and had served as the director of internal medicine, the vice president, and the superintendent. Doctor Chen contributed his academic knowledge and cultivated talents; nowadays many Doctor Chen’s students serve as leading positions in major hospitals, which greatly improved the local medical standard.
During the period as superintendent, Doctor Chen dedicated himself to caring for rare diseases patients and promoting cancer centers. He insisted on doing heart transplant project, upgrading medical quality and operational performance, and expanding outpatient and clinical research buildings. Therefore, Doctor Chen received the “National Quality Award” and the “Taiwan Corporate Award”.
In 2015, Doctor Chen joined China Medical University as the dean of College of Medicine and the vice president. Doctor Chen brought his experience in both NTU and NCKU to intensify CMU’s medical education. He also established the MD/PhD program in CMU and by far recruited 24 medical students. Doctor Chen has cultivated many students national wide and has made a great influence on Taiwan’s medical community.

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The Award Ceremony