Three Doctors from CMUH was Awarded the 2018 Medical Contribution Award by Greater Taichung Medical Association

Date: December 12, 2018

Three doctors from CMUH has made research breakthrough and great contribution that benefit the patients, including Doctor Woei-Cheang Shyu, the Vice Superintendent of Translational Medicine Research Center; Doctor Ching-Yuang Lin, the consultant of Division of Pediatric Nephrology; Doctor Jeng-Sheng Chang, the Director of Division of Pediatric Cardiology. Their contribution is recognized by the Greater Taichung Medical Association and was honored the “2018 Medical Contribution Award”.
Outstanding performances of the three awardees:
Vice Superintendent Woei-Cheang Shyu
Doctor Shyu’s research focuses on stem cell immunology. He has completed the world’s first phase II clinical trial of the brain stroke treatment using stem cell immunology research. Besides, he has applied for a number of international patents. Doctor Shyu will soon be conducting early clinical trials of the olfactory ensheathing cells and cord blood stem cells for brain stroke treatment. Doctor Shyu has won the 12th, 13th, and 14th National Innovation Award and has achieved outstanding performance in the area of stem cell immunology.
Doctor Ching-Yuang Lin
Doctor Lin is a world renowned expert in pediatric nephrology, allergy, and autoimmune diseases. Since he did the 1st kidney transplantation for a child in 1986, he has been conducting a large scale of follow-up for the study in children’s chronic kidney diseases in Taiwan. Besides, he also investigated the association between hyperglycemia and hypertensive pregnant mother and the abnormality of fetal congenital urinary tract development. Moreover, Doctor Lin invented a new technology for the treatment of children with acute renal failure, which increased the discovery rate of congenital kidney and urinary tract abnormalities and thus improved the prevention strategy. For over 30 years, Doctor Lin has accumulated experiences for more than 100,000 cases of ultrasound examination.
Director Jeng-Sheng Chang
Doctor Chang is currently the Director of The Division of Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Under the leadership of Doctor Chang, CMU Children’s Hospital has developed into a center focusing on pediatric open-heart surgery and pediatric extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) treatment in central Taiwan; the use of ECMO in fulminant myocarditis has reached success rate above 80%; the open-heart surgery for transposition of great artery (TGA) and the catheterization of pulmonary valve atresia have both reached success rate above 90%. In addition, the number of long-term treatment follow-up for Kawasaki disease is ranked the 1st in Taiwan.

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Doctor Woei-Cheang Shyu (right) receiving the award
Doctor Ching-Yuang Lin (right) receiving the award
Doctor Jeng-Sheng Chang (right) receiving the award