Dr. Anu Polster from The University of Melbourne Shared Teaching Experiences in the use of Simodont Dental Trainer

Date: December 11, 2018

On December 11th 2018, CMU Department of Dentistry invited Dr. Anu Polster from The University of Melbourne to give a talk on the topic “Simulation at the Melbourne Dental School”. Dr. Polster is a professor in the Department of Dentistry who leads the freshmen and sophomore students to practice the Simodont dental trainer. The training includes the use of basic traditional system of outer teeth, plastic teeth, phantom head, and the concept explanation and application of Simodont.
The University of Melbourne, Department of Dentistry purchased 20 sets Simodont dental trainers in 2012. Dr. Polster gave a detailed explanation in how to use Simodont and shared their learning experiences and feedbacks. Simodont it is a good system that provides pre-clinical self-learning for students and it has received positive feedbacks from students.
Simodont is a learning system for dental computer simulation, developed by MOOG, a company in the Netherlands. According to Dr. Polster’s analysis, students with Simodont training will have better performance in their future training on Phantom Head plastic teeth. From the perspective of education, it is worthwhile to provide Simodont training for students.
After the talk, Dean Lih-Jyh Fuh of CMU School of Dentistry gave a certification of appreciation and gifts to Dr. Polster. In addition, CMU students exchanged ideas with Dr. Polster enthusiastically, and showed Dr. Polster around CMU campus including School of Dentistry, CMUH Dentistry Department, and Lifu Museum of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Polster was very impressed by CMU’s teaching environment and said she must come visit again with her family in the future.

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Dean Lih-Jyh Fuh Presenting a Certification of Appreciation to Dr. Polster
Dr. Polster Visiting CMUH Dentistry Department
Dr. Polster Visiting Lifu Museum of Chinese Medicine