Date Subject
2009-12-18 The delegation from Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association and Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited CMU
2009-12-15 Henan University of TCM signed MOU the Agreement with China Medical University
2009-12-14 The delegation from Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau visited China Medical University
2009-12-07 Fund-raising Activity for the Medical Treatment of the People Living in the Thai-Myanmar Mountains and Tonle Sap of Cambodia
2009-11-30 Zhung-Hua Vocational Education Association in Anhui visited China Medical University
2009-11-26 The US Congressional Staff Delegation to the R.O.C. (Taiwan) visited CMU
2009-11-25 Taiwan Higher Education Touring Group of Guangdong Higher Education Association visited Taiwan
2009-11-18 Visiting Khon Kaen University and Mahidol University in Thailand
2009-11-13 CMU Delegation Attends Cross-Strait Conference on the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2009-11-12 Visiting Universities in Mainland China
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